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Give me 20 minutes of your time and I will show you hidden opportunities that can drastically improve your business. If you like what I have to say, hire me. Simple enough?


Why Should You Hire Me?


I DO NOT have a private jet, a Maserati or a mansion in Beverly Hills... nor do I have rockstar status with Instagram models... 

But I do have a hot wife:) and 2 amazing kids.

I prefer to stay behind the scenes a bit, helping create massively succesful businesses online. I have worked with small businesses, multiple 7, and 8 figure businesses. 

This might ruffle some feathers but... most of those ads you see of people in front of Maserati's are renting those cars for that photo/video shoot. The same goes for the mansions and yes even the private jets.  

For over 13 years I have ACTUALLY been building online businesses, often from the ground up. Through this experience, I have learned how to focus on the core elements of a successful business and how to avoid the pitfalls that often derail growth.  

My key areas of focus are TRAFFIC, CONVERSION and ANALYTICS.

It kills me to see a company with a great product or service struggle because “they just don’t know marketing” or just don’t know how to get from point A to point B. Even worse, they hire some high priced marketing agency that leaves them with very little growth and a HUGE invoice.

This “stuff” is hard and sometimes you just need to somebody to tell you, or better yet, show you how to do it. That is where I come in. 

I will show you exactly what to do and how to do it. In some cases, I can actually do it for you.  

If you are struggling to take your online business to the next level, fill out the form for a free marketing session

It doesn’t matter if you are a completely new business or an already growing business looking to grow faster! 

I have worked with e-commerce businesses, brick and mortar businesses, musicians, celebrity fitness trainers, coaches and more. We will talk about your current business, your goals, and see if it is a good fit for both of us.

My Services

I offer a variety of services including coaching, done-for-you (virtual marketing manager), ad management and more!

Virtual Marketing Manager / Ad Management

If you need someone to put my strategies n place, I offer a Virtual Marketing Manager service. Minimum of 5 hours per week.

Myself or my team members will execute all tasks and report to you with data driven results. 

We can manage your Google Ads, Youtube Ads, and Facebook Ads. Our monthly minimum ad management fee is $1500.

Website/ Funnel Critique

We can do a deep dive into your website and or sales and lead funnels. 

We will identify all holes that need to be improved, as well as identify the fastest ways for you to grow.

Weekly Coaching 

Already have a great team in place? Just need direction?

Let me consult with you or your team to ensure you are moving the most efficient pace, all while focusing on only what will net you your best ROI. 

Discovery Session - Onsite Marketing and Strategy Blitz

I will come to your office or headquarters and spend 3 days with your team. 

We will look at everything and create a marketing/growth plan to scale your business. 

This is perfect for those of you that want to move FAST!  

Adwords/Youtube PPC Management

Scaling Offers - Profitably Spending Over 300k Per Month. 

Over 10,000 Customers Last Month...

A Few Brands I Have Worked With:

What My Clients Say

I have worked with over 60 businesses (from startups to 8 figures)

"I've had the pleasure of working with Keith Cannone as my e-commerce and marketing consultant for my small business. His attention to detail, strategic planning, and flawless execution enabled me to finish several projects ahead of schedule with greater than expected results.  

Keith's vast "know how" was staggering for process implementation and accuracy. I will hire Mr. Cannone again for consulting in the near future." Tim W - BeyondKneePain.com  

"In my 12 years of running a top 4 digital ad agency, I have worked with many of the best digital marketers on the planet. Keith has been one of my all-time best clients. He has delivered landing pages and conversion funnels that convert far better than the industry norms and have allowed us to generate massive revenue and profits. Keith’s years of experience in digital marketing make him extremely well rounded and knowledgeable about all areas of digital marketing. He has great strengths in a number of areas as well and is aware of not only best practices but also many of the secret techniques used by top online marketers such as myself. Keith has been very easy to work with and collaboration with him has led to stronger results in the traffic campaigns I have run. Keith is also very detail oriented with respect to tracking the metrics that matter and making sure that we remain focused on Customer Lifetime Value and overall profitability over time. -Kevin Milani - Top Digital Ad Agency

"Keith is a super strong all around direct response marketer. He is responsible for many of the breakthroughs we've had here at The Healthy Back Institute.  

His biggest strength is his creativity and vision -- seeing what will resonate with an individual and then building it from start to finish. He is an asset to any marketing team starving for ideas and in need of a new perspective to generate a breakthrough." Dennys Passeto - Healthy Back Institute  

"Having worked alongside Keith for years on the Healthy Back Institute’s website and marketing efforts, I really appreciated his expertise in driving new business through lead generation, A/B testing and other areas. 

I saw the significant impact as a result of his decisions and was happy to work with him. I would highly recommend him for any marketing and lead generation efforts."  

Zach Lanich  

Owner/CTO weCreate LLC

"My guy Keith started me off with online Marketing 10 years ago when I first began my journey as a clinical massage therapist. He immediately was able to get me up and running online and thus I built quite a following from his guidance. 

Since then I've combined my therapy with professional sports training and have built a recognizable business. Working with hundreds of professional athletes in all 3 sports (MLB, NBA and NFL)."

Melin Threadgill BA, CMT, NPT 

"The day I crossed paths with Keith Cannone was not just a Game Changer for my business but his knowledge was unparalleled in everything I needed to learn for online marketing. 

His skills elevated every nut & bolt of my entire online presence and it skyrocketed my lead generation to a level I had never experienced before (I even had to hire more personnel!)  

Besides that, he also always had a creative solution to any problem, a targeted strategy to implement, and a spot-on answer to all my questions. 

Plus, he always distilled ambiguous information into an easy-to-apply formula. Mentor, Online Marketing Wizard, and is a genuinely nice guy to boot!"  

Mark Hill Owner of Lifestyles Fitness

"Initially, advertising via the internet was a mere gamble- so I thought. I figured that with my business and the service I offer, I would only benefit minimally from internet advertisement... I couldn't have been more wrong! And I am not complaining!!!  

 My net-pay (no pun intended) has almost doubled and I've completely forsaken any other advertising formats- I can't keep up with- or even service- all of the leads I now have thanks to Keith Cannone."  

Nate Holland, Musician and Instructor  

"Keith posseses a unique combination of creative marketing strategy, with traffic and conversion knowledge that is almost impossible to find. 

He brings an experienced perspective that most people would have to pay an arm and a leg for. The guy is a marketing rockstar minus the hype. If you get the chance to work with him jump on it!"

Pablo Conde - Ecommerce Lead Gen Specialist


info@keithcannone.com 301-452-1671